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Issue Verifiable Credentials to your Students and Alumni at zero cost
Are you ready to transform the process of education verification? Say hello to eLockr - the ultimate solution for educational and academic institutions to issue credentials and streamline the verification process.
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fake certificates
Fake Seals & Signatures
Fake seals and signatures are used not only to forge education documents, but are also used in the process of verification, thus undermining the integrity of the verification process.
Lack of Authenticity
Traditional methods of credential verification may lack accuracy and security, raising doubts about the authenticity of the verification process.
Revenue Leakage
Education institutes often publish a fee for official verification, but due to a long and inefficient process, unofficial channels are used to verify, leading to revenue leakage.
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Why eLockr for education credentials?
speed efficiency
Speed & Efficiency
Our automated process ensures instant verification of education credentials, thus saving the education institute's time and resources.
global network
Global Network
eLockr is being used by thousands of organizations globally, with millions of credentials issued to candidates, that are verified with their consent.
alumini visibility
Alumni Visibility
Get information visibility on alumni movement, based on names of new employers who verify ex-students on eLockr.
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How does it work?
issue education credentials
Issue Education Credentials
Academic institutions can effortlessly issue education credentials to their students using eLockr portal, API, or a simple spreadsheet.
student empowerment
Student Empowerment
Alumni of an education institute will gain life-long access to these authentic and verifiable credentials, facilitating any future employment, financial, or travel-related endeavors for them.
simplified verification
Simplified Verification
Potential employers (corporates) and financial institutions can securely and independently verify these education credentials, reducing the burden on your institute's administration department.
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to your Students
and Alumni
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in discovering how eLockr can transform the education verification process of your ex-students? 
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