Everything to know about eLockr Reference Check (EREF)

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As per a survey by a leading HR management organization, 87% of organizations conduct reference checks as a component of their recruitment BGV processes. However, traditional reference checks checks can be time-consuming, biased (given by a “friendly manager”), and often unreliable. This plagues the overall recruitment lead time, a point that has been discussed constantly among the HR fraternity.

That’s where EREF or eLockr reference check comes in, revolutionizing the way reference checks are conducted and complimenting the existing employment verification processes.

EREF is a modern and digital check that allows organizations (or requesters) to view employee references or credentials instantly. With EREF, employers can search through millions of candidate references issued on eLockr, including unreported references not found during legal verification such as in police or court records. This feature enables companies to make informed hiring decisions and reduce the risk of fraudulent activity or inaccuracies in reference checks.

One of the key benefits of EREF is the ability to access references from undeclared employment records in CV due to employee-employer engagement challenges such as  termination; performance, discipline or integrity issues; employee absconding; or any other policy / code violations. By doing so, employers can gain valuable insights into a candidate’s work history and make better-informed hiring decisions.

EREF  provides unbiased, organization-authorized references. The platform uses identifiers such as name, mobile number, email ID, PAN number, etc. to search through millions of references issued on eLockr. 

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