“Staying Ahead of the Curve: How eLockr Helps HR Teams Adapt to Changing Compliance Regulations”

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As regulations related to employee verification and data privacy continue to evolve across the globe, HR teams need to stay ahead of the curve to adopt leading practices. eLockr is enabling HR teams to ensure compliance by the issuance of digital credentials, thus automating the process of verifying ex-employee information. 

When an employee leaves a company and moves to a new potential employer, HR teams from the previous organization have the fiduciary duty to confirm their employment details, when they receive such requests over emails. 

However, the traditional practices of ex-employee verification have been plagued with compliance risks such as:

  1. Completing the verification process without the ex-employee’s consent
  2. Responding to requests without establishing any authenticity of the requester
  3. Lack of policy adherence, i.e BGV getting concluded just by the simple response from any member of the organization
  4. Ex-employee exclusion – The candidate or ex-employee being oblivious to the process 
  5. Verifying information in emails can be time-consuming and prone to data security risks and errors. 

eLockr addresses the above challenges. With eLockr, HR teams can save time, ensure consent, ensure the authenticity of the requestor, reduce errors, and remain compliant with regulations related to information retention, security, and privacy.

eLockr also ensures instant verification of an ex-employee. Since the credentials are issued by an authorized person from the organization, the verification is in line with organization policies. 

The candidate remains the primary custodian of the credentials issued on eLockr and is proactively notified once the verification is completed. She/he can also turn on explicit consent settings. 

In addition to these features, eLockr has a provision for anonymous ex-employee surveys, that can help HR teams gather valuable attrition insights. This can help organizations to reduce attrition and improve employee satisfaction.

With all these features and many more getting added, eLockr continues to remain an absolutely FREE platform for HR teams. 

To get started on eLockr, request a demo here, or write to partner@eLockr.io

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