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If modern India has to get rid of its “classist” make-up, we need small wins. Delhi Metro is an example that comes to mind. World-class infrastructure, maintenance, and cleanliness that breaks the class divide. The entire city takes that metro. Such a great leveler.

Another win where each one of us can play a role. Just a small behavior change. All blue-collar/grey-collar workers and professionals to be treated with the utmost respect. At hotels, in restaurants and cafes, in cabs, or when you get a delivery at your home. Your cook, maid, driver, and nanny at your home. The security guards and gardeners in your community. When a plumber or an electrician visits to fix something.

There is no way their work is any less worthy of our respect than the work one does on a spreadsheet or a slide deck.

There is no way India prospers without their shared prosperity. And dignity.

At eLockr, we have taken a small step, and many large organizations and their HR leaders are participating.

They are issuing formal employment credentials (equivalent to experience certificates) to their ex-employees. Similar credentials for while-collar professionals or blue-collar professionals. Even for people who were in a contractual job.

Millions of credentials were issued.

Credentials that they can use to get access to jobs and services. At any point in their lives. To achieve upward mobility in society.

HR leaders and managers will certainly have a huge role to play in modern India.

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